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“NANG YAI” is an ancient Thai performing art with its influences dating back to the reign of King Alexander the Great. This revered cultural heritage of Thailand combines the elegance of “Khon” dance steps with mesmerizing shadow play puppetry, captivating audiences from diverse backgrounds. Each step of the process demands precision and patience to convey intricate details, recounting the epic battle between humans and demons.

Translated as “Big Theatre,” “NANG YAI” features grand-sized shadow puppets gracefully intertwined with the Khon dance movements, performed by skilled artists on stage. These exquisite puppets are meticulously carved from buffalo or cowhide, tanned to perfection, and adorned with continuous Thai patterns, creating a seamless visual spectacle. The addition of hundreds of needles brings the story to life through intricate shadow and light effects, enhanced by vibrant coloring.

Despite facing challenges and a decline in modern audiences, this captivating art continues to be produced and cherished in Bangkok’s western provinces. To keep this timeless legacy alive, SuMphat gallery plays a crucial role in promoting “NANG YAI” with its contemporary designs that embrace relevance while preserving rich traditions. As dusk sets upon this cherished cultural gem, SuMphat’s dedication ensures

“NANG YAI” will shine brightly for generations to come.