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Unveiling history through collectible design. Mindful objects for your peacefully present.

Brand Story

SUMPHAT connects the history of the past to the present, preserving the value of traditional knowledge, searching for lost stories and finding new ways to bring them back to life. Throughout the creative journey, SUMPHAT has connected with different skill sets and capabilities in the design and craft communities and expertise in fields such as architecture, art and designs. From this journey, notable designs and traditional techniques in new forms are discovered. The creations also help connect art with local communities and include several techniques that champion sustainability.


The word “Sumphat” means touch. The “touch” comes in different forms; to be experienced by the eyes, the hands, or even by the taste of the tongue. The “touch” brings about memories and sensations. SUMPHAT combines the knowledge in handcraft and industrial fields, creating a remarkable aesthetic of textures and shapes. All of SUMPHAT’s works are inspired by the simplicity and humbleness of nature, to bring about peace and tranquility as part of daily life. The works are driven by the concept of ‘Wabi Sabi’ -a Japanese philosophy; SUMPHAT’s designsbeautifully combine old handcrafting techniques with the modern way of living.