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Rice and Soup Bowl

Lacquerware is now become uncommon and rarely found. The weaving container is coated multiple times with Urushi sap to contain the liquid or food. The coating surface is fascinating due to the soft touch of lips and a moist feel to stick to the skin. Urushi Lacquer sap is known for its natural anti-bacteria property. Urushiol, an ingredient of lacquer, is highly antibacterial and it leads resistant Staphylococcus, o-157, and Vibrio parahaemolyticus to die in 6 hours.

Product is suitable for food container and kid. Urushi Lacquerware is hard to transfer heat. It is hard to break when dropped or thrown sharp shattering. This technique has become uncommon and rarely practices nowadays.


Bamboo Weaving / Lathed Wood / Urushi Lacquerware


10 x 10 x H15 cm