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Kendi Tea set aim to give customer the new experience of “Tea serving”, from delicate handle to manly handle to prevent the heat from the teapot

The ceramic form is base on the traditional pottery form in ASEAN call Kendi. We develop the clay in Sukhothai to use in this design in order to promote the local craft in the modern way.

Tea culture in Thailand has been carry on from the past to present. Thai import Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka, Oolong tea from China or Green tea from Japan. The tea culture and people of each country develop their own way of serving and drinking tea which lead to the variety of tea set designs.

During the craft community development trip in Suphan Buri, Designer had found the traditional bamboo weaving patterns which are Dok Pikoon and Weaw Mayura. Both patterns are very delicate with dense weaving from the fine bamboo thread. The craftsmen use this pattern to make a cover plate, Basket or Bag which requires the labor load and the price does not reflect its actual cost.

Designer chooses the property of the fine grate from this delicate hand weaving to develop the tea filter for his own KENDI tea set. The material does not release the toxic in the hot water and perfect for the food grade product.


Ceramic with Teak wood Lid & Bamboo Filter


16 X 17 X H17 cm


DIA 5 X H5.2 cm


DIA 8.5 X H4 cm