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Cheese Plate & Salad Dish

The manuscripts contain painted illustrations of certain types of cats that were considered auspicious, accompanied by descriptions in Thai poetic verse, written in the Thai script. Typically, seventeen auspicious breeds are listed.

History of Benjarong

About 600 years ago, a princess from China was married into the Siam dynasty and she brought Benjarong with her. At that time, it is understood that Benjarong porcelain was made only for the Emperor of China’s use. However, Benjarong was then supplied from China to the king of Siam for several generations. Siam started to produce porcelain after they discovered Kaolin which is one of the main materials of Benjarong. he King of Siam decided to bring some of the artists from China and established workshops in Siam Kingdom.

Benjarong (Thai เบญจรงค์) ware is a kind of painted Thai ceramics porcelain. Enamel colors are applied and overglazed, creating a swelling effect over the surface of the piece. The production process is incredibly labor-intensive, as each color is applied individually, and the piece is kiln fired after the application of each color. The firing process brightens the colors of the finished piece and adds to its beauty.


Ceramic / Benjarong


DIA 31 X H3 cm