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Odorless Container

Samuk is one of the lacquerware processes which made of ashes from paddy field soil mixed with left over of Urushi Lacquer. It is used as the natural putty to fill the bamboo weaving basket. After observing the process of Lacqureware production at Nantaram village, Chiangmai, Designer has been inspired by the traditional practice and its delicacy.

However, this lacquerware process took a lot of time and manpower and finally did not reflect the actual production cost versus time spent. Therefore, we saw the potential to develop the Samuk process which is an early stage of Urushi Lacquerware. By using carbonization as its strong characteristic to use in the design, Samuk could also absorb the odor same as charcoal.

SMUKK collection has chosen this material property to make a food container which can be stored in refrigerator and also reduce the bad smell. By shorten the production process; it will help the craftsmen to generate some income during the long production of the Urushi Lacquerware.


Lathed Wood / Weaving Bamboo


DIA 8.5 X H10 cm


DIA 12 X H14.5 cm


DIA 15 X H17.5 cm