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Indoor Chair

Water Weed Chair is the chair that can use as indoor and semi-outdoor furniture. Created from the modern design combine with natural material and Thai handcraft. Work inspired by the experience with local Thai water hyacinth weaver. Develop from small lifestyle product to furniture; increase the value of Thai handcraft. Water hyacinth is often using to produce small product, but hardly develop to other market or other business. The aim is creating product from low cost but effective material, to be decorative product that fit with the modern life. The hand craft technique of water hyacinth is weaving on another structure or weaving sofa. However, “Water Weed” is the bag of water hyacinth mount on bearing structure, and modern design. By using the modern chair form with the traditional craft material, it can trickle the sense of aesthetic.


Stainless black oxide and Water hyacinth weaving


63 X 58 X H75 cm